Top 10 Best Cars

10 Best Autos - See the Top 10 Cars Across All Makes & Models! Below Dealer's Invoice Prices & Reviews.

Top 10 lists are easy to find, just about every automotive site has at least one. This one is different! We've based our Top 10 Best Cars on actual savings car buyers are receiving in your area. We collect and evaluate current cash rebates, secret dealer incentives, dealership overstock inventory, and lease specials, all to provide you with a straightforward list of the 10 best new car deals.

Our staff has compiled a few top 10 lists based on their research and expert opinions. The vehicles are not listed in any particular order as available deals change weekly. Please request a free, no-obligation price quote to find the lowest possible prices the best new cars in your area!

10 Best Cars
Based on analysis of true market value compared to MSRP, published auto ratings, and consumer reviews, we've compiled this list of the best automobiles of 2010. We also aimed to cover the all car classes from sports to economical, rugged to practical.

10 Best Hybrid Cars
This is truly the year of the hybrid car, nearly every automaker has at least one hybrid model in their line up. As fuel economy is of higher import for hybrid vehicles average mileage was given greater weight.

10 Best Luxury Cars
Some would say the best of the best, these luxury vehicles offer the ultimate in performance, comfort and style. For this list we excluded models over $100,000. In addition to the standard factors used to judge, we included vehicle styling, quality of materials, and ride comfort.

10 Best Sports Cars
From aggressive American muscle cars, to agile foreign models, this year's top sports cars may be better judged by creating a 10 Best Muscle Cars list as well. In fairness we've excluded exotic models from this list, aiming to provide buyers with a more obtainable selection. Handling, power, and speed were of increased importance when choosing these models.

Please consider the vehicles on the above top 10 lists as suggestions. No one vehicle is the "best car" on the market, but somewhere waits the best car for you at an incredibly low price. Request a free no-obligation price quote today and be on your way to finding it!

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