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Here at we look at overall value as the key component to finding the best new autos on the market. Since buying a new car is likely to be the biggest purchase you make this year it is best you get the most for your money. The following vehicles are our choice for the best new autos this year.

Audi A5
Good on gas, easy on the eyes, a trill of a ride, the Audi A5 is a full-size coupe built for driving enthusiasts. The highest resale value of any entry-level luxury vehicle, the A5 will prove a great value down the road.

One of the fastest selling vehicles on the market the BMW X5 is more than just a status symbol, it’s a smart buy. You can expect the X5 to retain nearly 65% of it’s value over three years. Now with a clean burning diesel engine you’ll save at the pump as well.

Chevrolet Camaro
One of the best new autos in the sports category, the Chevy Camaro proves a bad boy can make good. Highly popular, the Camaro is likely to retain high resale values for years to come.

Honda CR-V
Reliable, safe, the Honda CR-V is the best in it’s class. A small crossover SUV that’s fun, stylish and efficient the CR-V will get you where ever you want to go for less.

Honda Odyssey
The Honda Odyssey is an eight passenger minivan, starting around $26,000. Very reliable and safe, the Odyssey is the perfect family hauler.

Jeep Wrangler
The ever popular Jeep Wrangler has higher than average resale value and low insurance rates. Mileage may be on the low end of the spectrum, however the rugged Wrangler will make up for it with style and adventure.

Lexus LS
Another best in class, the Lexus LS is a perennial favorite. With the highest resale values in it’s class the LS is not only exceedingly beautiful and luxurious, but a smart buy.

Toyota Matrix
The Toyota Matrix is a great all around family vehicle. Sporty, fuel-efficient and reliable, the Matrix will keep buyers happy for years to come. Currently Toyota is offering competitive rebates and incentives, learn what is available and pay less than the $16,000 sticker price.

Toyota Prius
Based on gas savings alone, the Prius is an incredible value. Loaded with premium features and technology, the Toyota Prius is a bargain at $22,000. As with the Matrix look for industry leading rebates and incentive offers this year.

Choose any of these vehicles or pick your favorite new auto and request a free no-obligation price quote today. Find the best rebate and incentive deals on the market and connect with local dealers offering rock-bottom prices.

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