Top 10 New Cars

Super 10 New Cars - Request a Free Car Price Quote on Top New Cars and Obtain the Lowest Pricing.

Buying a new car is likely to be the year’s largest purchase. This makes finding the best new car for your lifestyle vital. Not only do you want to locate the right car for your needs, but also a great deal that could save you thousands of dollars off your new car purchase.

The following vehicles are our picks for top 10 new cars, based on overall value and historical savings. Request a free no-strings-attached new car price quote and see the lowest price offered in your town for any of these models or your personal favorites.

Ford F-150
The top selling vehicle in the US for nearly three decades, the Ford F-150 has set the standard for full size trucks. Capable and customizable the F-150 can work for just about any truck buyers needs.

Ford Fusion Hybrid
One of the most reliable, safe and affordable hybrid sedans on the road the Ford Fusion Hybrid starts around $27,000. Ford has improved the hybrid driving experience with the Fusion Hybrid and reviewers have praised the improved performance.

Ford Transit
The Ford Transit is difficult to classify, built on a car platform it handles well and is fuel efficient. Yet it has more cargo room than large size SUVs. A perfect vehicle for businesses, the Transit is customizable to suit your needs. Starting around $21,000 the Ford Transit is a great buy.

Honda CR-V
An affordable crossover SUV, the Honda CR-V starts around $21,000. A great value, the CR-V retains high resale values and is reliable and fuel efficient. The Honda CR-V is one of the safest vehicles in it’s class.

Honda Fit
One of the best small cars on the market, the Honda Fit is a great bargain starting at $15,500. Innovative, stylish and fun to drive, the Fit maintains high resale values. The very reliable Honda Fit is a great bargain.

Infiniti EX
Extremely powerful, high-tech, and a dream to drive the Infiniti EX is one of the most affordable luxury compact SUVs in it’s class. The EX has received high marks in all categories, but exceeds in safety and reliability.

Mazda Mazda3
The Mazda3 is a sporty small car with a sleek new exterior, abundant power, and great handling. Fun to drive and affordable, the Mazda3 starts under $15,000.

Nissan Frontier
This pint-size pickup is both rugged and capable. The Nissan Frontier is a great compact truck for both city and highway driving, but still can take whatever job you through at it.

Subaru Outback
The ever practical Subaru Outback sports a more stylish exterior this year. Enjoy Subaru performance and safety, plenty of cargo and passenger room, as well as all-wheel-drive handling. The Outback is a solid value at around $23,000.

Volkswagen GTI
Safe, luxurious, and a strong performer, the VW GTI is an affordable luxury compact starting at $23,500. Few other compacts can compete with the Volkswagen GTI when it comes to driving enjoyment, refinement, or sophistication.

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