The Best Day to Buy a Car

Prime Time to Buy a Car - Find True Dealer Invoice Price and Best Time to Buy a Car when Requesting a New Car Price Quote.

Buying a new car can make just about any day feel like the best day. However, getting a great deal on a new car will keep you happy for the long run. The best day to buy a car varies, but here are a few that are better than others.

Three Day Weekends
Car dealers often increase advertising to boost holiday sales. They see the extra day as an opportunity to make a quick sale, customers can use it to get the lowest price. Check out which dealers are offering the most competitive savings the next time a holiday comes around.

Monday Morning
Dealerships are pretty dead the first day of the week. Enjoy a cup of coffee and individual attention. Look for dealerships aiming to start the week of with sales, they’ll be more likely to bargain.

Saturday Afternoon
Probably the busiest day of the week at a dealership, some provide added bonuses to salesman with high Saturday sales. Visiting the dealership in the afternoon will give you a better opportunity to find a dealer willing to offer a low price to earn that bonus.

End of the Month
Many car dealerships need to reach monthly sales goals. To do so they will be more willing to offer the lowest prices the last few days of the month. Shop around to see which dealers are making the best offers.

End of the Year
If you’re willing to buy an outgoing model, the end of the year is one of the best times to buy a new car. Often there is very little difference between one year’s model and another other than savings. Find out which manufacturers and dealerships are offering the biggest incentives to clear out inventory.

Smart shoppers can make just about any day of the year, the best day to buy a car!

  1. Learn what other car buyers are actually paying in your area to determine the best offer.
  2. Work with dealerships willing to make low price offers and eager to negotiate to make a sale.
  3. Know all current rebates, incentives, and lease offers before visiting the dealership.
  4. Compare multiple dealerships to find the best deals available.

Request a free no-obligation price quote today and learn all this and more. Save time and money, avoid haggling, and you choose the best day to buy a new car!

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