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Every driver has a unique set of needs when buying a new car. By honestly considering your needs when shopping for a new vehicle you can be sure to drive off the lot in the best car for you. Here are a few tips to finding the best new cars to buy:

What kind of trips do you make?
If you're just looking for a vehicle for quick trips around town than a compact may do. If you are a freeway commuter perhaps you need more luxury and speed. Adventurous? Maybe a 4WD is the best vehicle for you.

How many miles do you drive daily?
If you regularly drive long distances fuel economy should be an important consideration. Paying extra for a hybrid version or model could pay off in gas savings down the road.

Is performance important to you?
Some drivers are not concerned with power, speed or handling. If it's important to you make sure you don't sacrifice an enjoyable ride for a smaller cheaper engine.

How much passenger room do you need?
Consider how often you truly need extra seating. If you spend much of your time driving solo a compact could be an excellent choice.

How much cargo space do you need?
If you don't regularly haul large amounts of cargo, cutting back on vehicle size can save you money.

Are style and design important factors?
Practicality aside, enjoying your new cars appearance is a key component to finding the best new car for you. Many unique vehicles may have a higher initial price but resale value is improved due to demand.

Do you enjoy the latest technology?
Never leave home without your iPod? Then connectivity should be considered. Spend your commute catching up on phone calls? Look for hands free cell phone features. Rely on GPS to find your way? Don't sacrifice, find new vehicles with the technology you need.

Now that you've found a few new cars that best suit your needs, you need to find which is the best new car to buy.

How much should you pay?
Learn the MSRP and factory invoice price of the vehicles you are interested in. Then find how much actual buyers are paying in your area. This will give you a general idea of how much you can expect to pay for your new car.

How much can you save?
Knowing the true dealer cost of a new car will tell you how much you can save compared to sticker price. Finding all current manufacturer cash rebates, dealer incentives, and leasing specials will enable you to estimate how much you can knock off the invoice price.

Which dealer is the best?
No one dealer is going to give you the best deal guaranteed. It is best to work with more than one dealer at once. The more dealers you negotiate with, the greater the chance of finding the lowest possible price.

To get started now, request a free new car price quote. There is no-obligation. Connect with multiple local dealers willing to make competitive offers on the exact vehicle you want. Find the best new car to buy and save money doing it!

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