How to Negotiate the Best New Vehicle Deals

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The sleazy car dealer is gradually becoming a thing of the past. More and more dealers are turning to straightforward sales tactics in order to create loyal customers. These dealers have learned consumers today are educated enough to not fall for old school tricks.

Still it is wise to do all you can to get the best new vehicle deals. You can find all the information needed online in minutes and save thousands of dollars on a new car or truck. This year we’ve seen buyers save as much as $7,000 on a new vehicle purchase.

Start by learning all you can about the new vehicle you’re interested. Find out what other buyers are paying in your area, learn MSPR and factory invoice price. Read reviews, safety and fuel efficiency ratings, as well as resale values.

Search for all available rebates and incentives, or leasing specials. Look for special discount programs based on your profession, many dealers offer military and college grad discounts.

Find out what kind of financing you qualify for at multiple banks and credit unions. Also, research insurance rates and find out which companies offer the best deals.

Once you have all of the above information complied, contact multiple dealerships and request a price quote on the exact new vehicle you want. To save time you can contact dealerships by phone or email. Doing so will also allow you maintain control of the negotiating process and think through every offer.

Continue to work with multiple dealers to negotiate the lowest possible price. Always be clear that you are negotiating the complete price of your new vehicle. Feel free to tell each dealer about the other offers you have received. Dealers are more likely to make a better offer if it means keeping you from going to the guy down the street.

After you have agreed on an acceptable price, begin discussing your trade-in value and any additional discounts such as rebates and incentives. These should be factored in to the actual price of the vehicle. Do not let the dealer tell you he can not make further deductions.

Next complete financing, compare the offers you already received from outside lenders to what the dealer has to offer. Again, feel free to tell him what these offers are and give him a chance to beat them.

After you have finalized the contract take your time to read it completely. Don’t worry about looking dumb if you have questions. Contracts can be difficult to understand and it’s better to know exactly what you’re committing to before signing.

Remember at any point in the process you can walk away if you don’t feel you’re getting the best deal possible. This is your money, it’s your choice how you spend it.

Request a free no-obligation new vehicle price quote today, we’ll connect you with multiple pre-qualified dealers offering rock-bottom prices. Get everything you need to find the best new vehicle deals in minutes!

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