The Best New Cars Under $20,000

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There are a wide range of new cars currently priced under $20,000. Look for addtional savings such as rebates and incentives and drop the price even lower. Based on overall value, the following are the best new cars under $20,000.

Ford Fusion
MSRP: $19,035 – $28,030
Motor Trend Car of the Year, the Ford Fusion is a great overall value. Stylish good looks, excellent handling and safety, the Fusion is a capable sedan and a great price.

Chevrolet HHR
MSRP: $18,720 – $26,255
The retro styled Chevrolet Heritage High Roof, or HHR for short, is a classically cool compact crossover. The HHR has received good overall safety ratings and average mileage for its class.

Dodge Ram 1500
MSRP: $20,610 – $44,285
Even though the Dodge Ram 1500 starts slightly over $20,000 you’re likely to find rebates and incentives sufficient enough to drop the price under twenty. The most award winning Ram truck ever, the Dodge Ram 1500 is a powerful bargain.

Honda Civic
MSRP: $15,305 – $25,340
Great all around, the Honda Civic has better than average safety, quality and performance. The Civic is not only affordable, but cheap to drive getting up to 34 mpg highway.

Hyundai Tucson
MSRP: $18,070 – $25,620
A safe and reliable mid-size SUV, the Hyundai Tucson sensible sport utility. Hyundai has managed to make the Tucson the best of all things SUV, at a very affordable price.

Mazda Mazda6
MSRP: $18,450 – $28,465
The Mazda6 is a practical and reliable sedan, that’s sporty enough to keep driving exciting. Tested to the extremes, Mazda has proven the Mazda6 can take whatever you or nature can throw at it.

Mitsubishi Eclipse
MSRP: $20,249 – $28,408
High-end sports car styling, efficiently powerful, the Mitsubishi Eclipse is an affordable surprise. Better than average sports car milage makes the Eclipse a great value as well.

Subaru Legacy
MSRP: $19,995 – $34,595
A sporty mid-size, the Subaru Legacy is well known for reliability and safety. The Legacy is such great all around performer Legacy owners often become loyal customers.

Toyota Camry
MSRP: $19,145 – $29,045
The Toyota Camry has been one of the top selling vehicles in the US for years. A speedy family the sedan, the Camry is a sensible choice.

Volkswagen Jetta
MSRP: $17,515 – $22,965
Volkswagen performance, style and safety, the VW Jetta is a great value under $20,000. Enjoy German design and luxury for less.

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