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Super Price New Cars - Looking to Buy the Best and Most Efficient Car? - Find Trusted Dealers in Your Area with the Lowest Price.

Imagine saving thousands of dollars on a new car or truck. Better yet, avoiding the pressure and stress of dealer's sales tactics and scams. Learn in minutes what shady dealers don't want you to know about actual new car pricing. Find the best no-haggle prices from reputable dealerships in your area and buy a new car stress free!

MSRP vs. Factory Invoice Price: The MSRP or Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price is the sticker price of a vehicle. The factory invoice price is the price the dealer pays the manufacturer. However, true dealer cost is generally around 2.5% less than the invoice price, this is a result of holdbacks. These are merely incentives or motivations given to dealerships for them to sell.

Dealers Make Up to $3,000 on a Sale: Holdbacks and additional manufacturer incentives can make dealers up to $3,000 on a new car sale. Many dealerships find it easier to meet sales goals by lowering their profit margin. These dealers are more likely to make an offer lower than dealer invoice just to complete a sale. Find these dealers and you’ll get the best price on new cars or trucks.

Locate Dealers Willing to Offer the Best Price: The secret to finding dealerships willing to offer the lowest prices and negotiate with buyers is knowing where to look. In fact, you're already there, online pricing services such as work with a network of qualified dealers who are ready to make you a great deal on the exact new car you're looking for.

Saving $1,000s Costs You Nothing: Be sure to use an online pricing service that is 100% free with no-obligation. It would be a shame to pay for the same information you can find on with out spending a penny. Learn what new car buyers are paying, find current rebates and incentives, and get the best new car price offers from qualified dealers at no cost.

Avoid Scams & Haggling: Finding the cheapest new cars doesn't mean you have to put up with scams and haggling. By only working with qualified dealerships you can avoid it all together. Dealerships who work with online pricing services know that buyers are informed and are less likely to use underhanded sales tactics.

Negotiate on Your Terms: Let qualified dealers make you an offer on the exact vehicle you want. Respond to only the best deals with a counter offer. Negotiate via phone, fax, email, or in person, whichever makes you the most comfortable.

Shopping for great new cars has never been this easy. Request a free no-obligation new car price quote and get connected with local dealerships who are willing and able to offer the best price on new cars.

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