How to Find the Best Car to Buy

Which Are the Best Cars Of  ´09 and '10 to Buy? Find the Absolute Lowest Prices from Local Dealers.

Determining the best car to buy could be considered a simple subject of taste. However, within ever vehicle class there are winners and losers. Many new car buyers start with car reviews only to be confused by differing opinions. Other buyers use consumer reports to understand reliability and satisfaction, but end up paying too much for the vehicle they set their hearts on.

We at take a different approach. Instead of getting bogged down by a few sets of statistics we look at the picture as a whole. By compiling current true car prices, manufacturer and dealer incentives, and secret internet only rebates, we're able to tell you the best deals on the market. All you have to do is request a free no-obligation quote to receive multiple price quotes from local dealers.

You want to get the best car for the lowest price, simple. Here's how to do it:

1 - Learn Real Prices for Multiple Vehicles
Say you're looking for a new SUV, you could search for the "best SUV to buy" - you would find plenty of SUV reviews, consumer guides, etc... What you will not learn is which SUVs are selling at the lowest prices in your city. Instead request free quotes on multiple vehicles from an online service such as our site. You'll quickly discover what other car buyers are paying in your area.

2 - Make Dealers Compete for Your Business
To get the best price on a new vehicle you must work with multiple dealers. The more quotes you receive the greater the likelihood of finding the lowest price. You can easily reach multiple dealers by selecting all available dealerships when requesting a free price quote. Armed with multiple offers you will be able to play dealers against each other and negotiate the best price.

3 - Obtain Financing Before Speaking with a Dealer
Car dealerships make a killing on financing. You have a better change to find the best deal for your credit background by comparing lenders. Shop around, request offers from multiple financing companies. Once you have found the best interest rate and monthly payments you'll be ready to speak with a dealer.

4 - Negotiate & Drive!
Start your negotiating based on the price quotes offered by the dealers, do not discuss trade-in value or financing. Make sure the price includes all dealer fees, you don't want to be surprised in the end. Take the best offer and ask other dealers if they are willing to beat it. Once you've negotiated the best price discuss trade-in and financing. Do not agree to any addtional costs or fees. Finally, drive away a successful new car buyer!

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