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Small car buying has increased steadily over the past few years. With wildly fluctuating gas prices, an increased concern for the environment, and a higher cost of living, American car buyers are learning to love the compact. Fortunately, gone are the days when small cars meant unsafe and under performing. Today’s small cars are as efficient, powerful and luxurious as larger models.

The Stand Out Small Car
The Kia Soul was named the Small Car of the Year by FAMA magazine for its extensive safety features, vibrant styling, ample interior and value. With two Top Safety Picks from the IIHS and named one for the “Most Exciting Cars of 2010” by the Soul isn’t just safe but cool. One look at its funky exterior will have you wondering why there so few unique designs on the market. By breaking the mold, Kia aims to prove drivers don’t need to sacrifice for value. Starting below $14,000 and getting 30 mpg the Kia Soul is affordable, practical and fun!

The Safest Small Cars
The IIHS named the following small cars its Top Safety Picks for 2010: Honda Civic 4-door, Kia Soul, Nissan Cube, Subaru Impreza and Volkswagen Golf 4-door. The vehicles are selected for best protecting drivers in front, side and rear crash tests. To qualify, all are required to have electronic stability control and IIHS’ highest score for roof strength.

The Most Fuel-Efficient Small Cars
Mileage is one of the top reasons consumers buy small cars. According to the US Department of Energy the following small cars average better than 30 mpg: Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Insight, Volkswagen Jetta, Toyota Yaris, MINI Cooper, MINI Clubman, Honda Fit, Kia Rio and Hyundai Accent Blue.

The Best Luxury Small Cars
Until recently we probably wouldn’t have used luxury and small car in the same sentence. However, today’s automakers are responding to buyers demands and producing small cars with all the amenities of their bigger siblings. A few excellent examples of this are the Volkswagen GTI, Audi A3 and Volvo C30. All offer sporty performance, distinctive styling and an incredibly comfortable ride.

The Cheapest Small Cars
Small cars are the most affordable on the market. Some of the cheapest this year are the Hyundai Accent Blue, starting around $10,000, Nissan Versa 1.6, just under $11,000, and Kia Rio, a little over $12,000. Of course you may need to drop an extra grand for “luxuries” such as A/C or an automatic transmission, or then again you could rough it and live without.

Practical, economical, safe and fun, small cars are a great option for today’s new car buyers. Find deals on the best small cars today by requesting a free no-obligation price quote and receive multiple offers from small car dealers in your area!

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