7 Steps to Finding the Best Car for You

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Most new car buyers aren’t looking for the most expensive car on the market. Why is it then, that the majority of top car lists are made up of vehicles well beyond the average buyer’s price range? Smart car buyers are looking for the best value on a new car, not for the highest priced, rarest, or fastest car on the market.

If you’re a real car buyer, simply looking for a great value on the car that best suits your needs, here are seven simple steps to finding the best car for you and the lowest possible price.

Step #1 - Determine Your Driving Style
Understanding how you drive will allow you to choose the vehicle that will make you most happy behind the wheel. Whether you have a need for speed or just want to get from point A to B, by truthfully looking at your driving style you will improve your overall ownership experience.

Step #2 - Consider Your Lifestyle
Owning a car should make your life easier. Sit down and consider what requirements a vehicle needs to work best for you. Try listing five key requirements: mileage, seating, safety, hauling and towing capacity may be important for truck buyers for example. Knowing exactly what kind of car you need will ensure you purchase the best car for you!

Step #4 - Think About Your Personal Style
For many people, their car reflects their personality, others may simply want practicality. Determine now what you’re willing to pay for and what you can live without. Don’t get talked into unnecessary extras at the dealership.

Step #5 - Find Sources You Can Trust
Don’t spend hours sifting through new car reviews and out-of-date promotions. New car reviews vary by source, one review may give a new vehicle five stars, while another may say it’s mediocre at best. Use resources such as that rely solely unbiased and opinion free information such as current sale prices, secret dealer holdbacks, cash rebates and leasing incentives.

Step #6 - Discover Current Low Price Offers
Your new vehicle will likely be one of the most expensive products you ever buy. Finding the lowest price could save you thousands at the time of purchase or over the life of your car. Special rebate and incentive offers expire often and many are kept secret from the buying public. We update our best new car deals weekly so you can negotiate using the most accurate information.

Step #7 - Avoid Pressure Sales Tactics & Scams
Unfortunately some car dealers use shady sales and high pressure negotiation tactics. If you don’t want to be scammed into buying an inferior vehicle or tricked by non-existent deals, you must work with qualified local dealerships. Request a free, no-obligation new car price quote today to receive the best car offers from multiple, pre-qualified local dealers.

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