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Getting the best car for the least amount of money takes research, planning, and negotiation. Fortunately, these steps aren't as daunting as they may sound at the moment. This article will walk you through the process of buying a new car from start to finish, to help you find the best new car deal.

Research New Car Prices
Setting a target price based on what you can afford is the best starting point for a new car buyer. Keep in mind this is a ballpark figure. You may end up paying slightly more, but hopefully less than this amount.

Review vehicles within your target price range. Consider "twin" models, for example the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon, to determine which is the better value. Keep an open mind, read reviews of a few vehicles you may not have considered, they could surprise you.

Shop for rebates and incentives. Many manufactures offer a choice of low interest financing or a cash rebate. Remember if the financed amount is less than $15,000, a $1,000 cash rebate is worth more. If the financed amount is greater it is likely that a low interest rate will save you more over the length of your loan.

Planning Your Car Purchase
Determine which local car dealerships are likely to offer you the best new car deal . Large dealerships can afford selling at lower prices because they get volume discounts from the car maker. Many dealers aim to sell a car within 60 days, if they are unable they will offer rebates, special financing, and lease deals.

Visit your bank or credit union and learn your financing options. Locating a low cost lender before you begin negotiating will save you thousands. Request financing quotes from multiple lenders to find the best deal available.

Contact your insurance company. Prepare a coverage plan for your new vehicle so it will be ready at the time of purchase. Choosing your own insurance provider will allow you to find the best deal on coverage.

Negotiating the Best Deal
It is important to remember that negotiating does not have to mean haggling. By locating a reputable dealer you'll be more likely to have a stress-free negotiation process. Avoid making demands, by keeping your bargaining polite your dealer should do the same. If not, shop elsewhere.

Contact multiple dealerships, let them know the car you want and how much you are able to pay. This should be the invoice price of the vehicle minus deductions such as rebates. Ask them to make you an offer.

Review all offers received. Follow up with dealerships, let them know if a competitor is willing to give you a better deal. Once you receive a counter offer you can choose the best deal.

Let provide you with current rebates on new cars and trucks. Request a free price quote and receive multiple offers from qualified dealers. All you have to do is pick the best deal!

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