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The ever-increasing price of gas has more American car buyers considering smaller cars. Automakers are responding by building smaller vehicles with more cargo and passenger space, increased luxury and technology, and improved performance. The best small car to buy differs for each driver, here are our top picks.

Audi A3
The Audi A3 is a great choice for buyers looking for an affordable high-end European sports sedan. Though the price may scare off some buyers, the excellent performance, styling and safety features make the A3 a worthy consideration.

BMW 1-Series
Proving small cars don’t have to be cheap the BMW 1-Series has all the style, comfort, and performance you can get from a compact. Built for people who love driving. The 1-Series is a blast to drive. Drop the ragtop and enjoy the ride.

Kia Soul
A fresh take on the compact the Kia Soul has attitude. Unique and funky the Soul is a great choice for young buyers looking for affordability and style. The Kia Soul has ample cargo room, excellent safety features, and is incredibly comfortable.

Honda Civic
A class leader, the Honda Civic is a reliable, fuel-efficient performer. The most well known Honda model, the Civic sets a high standard. Enjoy high resale values, long-term reliability, and high fuel-economy.

Honda Fit
An affordable compact, the Honda Fit is both sporty in looks and performance. Ample cargo and passenger room make the Fit versatile enough to suit a variety of needs. Honda’s high resale value, reliability, and fuel-economy make this small car a great value.

Mazda Mazda3
Small cars are not timid. If any vehicle was evidence of this, it would have to be the Mazda3. The Mazda3 is a thrilling ride, responsive and entertaining, a true sports car. Buyers of this year’s model will enjoy increased luxury and refinement, along with the standard Mazda3 spark.

Nissan cube
Lively and fun, the Nissan cube takes the small car a step outside the box. Don’t let it’s quirky exterior fool you, the cube is practical as well. The Nissan cube has plenty of cargo and passenger room, drives well, and overall is affordable fun.

Volkswagen GTI
Known for performance and safety, Volkswagen has exceeded expectations with the GTI. A high performance version of the VW Golf, the GTI still manages an affordable price. The Volkswagen GTI is safe, fun-to-drive, and refined.

Volvo C30
The C30 has all the exceptional comfort and style you would expect from a Volvo. Good looking, high performance and sporty handling make the Volvo C30 a very enjoyable ride. The hatchback provides accessible cargo space, and a distinctive look.

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