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These days buying a cheap new car doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. On the other hand many of the lowest price new cars are simple, with few accessories and extras. The following models are the best priced new cars on the market today.

Chevrolet Cobalt
The Cobalt is a simple compact with excellent power and mileage. Choose from coupe or sedan both starting around $15,000. Competitive rebates and incentives are often available for the Chevy Cobalt, find out before you buy and save.

Honda Fit
Small on the outside, incredibly spacious on the inside, the Honda Fit is the prefect combination of pep and practicality. The very usable Fit starts under $15,000.

Honda Civic
A sporty looker and ride, the Honda Civic is a great priced new car. The Civic has a reputation for reliability and high resale values, starting at $16,000 the Honda Civic is a great value.

Kia Soul
Comfortable, practical, and safe the Kia Soul is a great buy at around $13,000. Enjoy a specious interior and edgy design with the Soul.

Mazda Mazda3
One of the best low priced cars on the road the Mazda3, offers up trills you’d expect from a high end sports car. A great bargain the Mazda3 starts under $15,000.

Nissan cube
Though it’s funky style may not be for everyone, it’s still hard to believe that a car as unique as the Nissan cube could be priced under $14,000. Not the most trilling drive, the cube makes up for it with plenty of extras and space.

Nissan Sentra
Reliable and practical the Nissan Sentra starts around $16,000. Plenty of room, great milage and 5 star safety make the Sentra a great family sedan.

Nissan Versa
Starting at around $10,000 the Nissan Versa is one of the best low price cars on the road. The cheapest Versa is striped down, but for those not looking for many extras it’s defiantly an affordable, reliable way to get around.

Suzuki SX4
The Suzuki SX4 may be low on amenities, but it makes up for it with power. It’s a fun to drive car for under $14,000.

Toyota Corolla
The Toyota Corolla is priced as low as $16,000, but it surely doesn’t feel cheap. Considering Toyota’s reliability and high resale values, the Corolla is a great all around value.

Toyota Yaris
Despite the low price the Yaris comes with A/C, antilock brakes and electronic stability control. Lovely to look at, fun to drive, the Toyota Yaris starts at around $12,000. The Yaris has strong resale values and reliability.

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