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Lets face it, most of us probably aren’t going to go out and buy that high-speed super car we saw on TV. We may dream about it, but the reality of our everyday lives makes real value more important. Fortunately, there are many top new cars available at great prices.

Audi A6 - A luxury vehicle that covers all the bases. The Audi A6 isn’t just exciting to drive, or comfortable, or great design, it’s all good things wrapped into one.

BMW 3-Series - A bargain BMW, the 3-Series lets drivers enjoy all the luxury, power, and performance of a Bimmer at a great price.

Chevrolet Corvette - An affordable super car, the Chevrolet Corvette is a great value. Thoughtful design has not only given the Vette 400 horsepower, but made it useable enough to drive everyday.

Chevrolet Tahoe - The Chevy Tahoe is an all-around good truck size SUV. Look for increased incentives on the Tahoe for added savings.

Chrysler 300 - The Chrysler 300 is the epitome of the American sedan. Muscular in design and performance the 300 makes foreign luxury cars shake in their shoes.

Ford Mustang - Retro style and powerful performance will have you thinking you’re driving a classing. It’s hard too get much cooler than the Ford Mustang for the same price.

Honda Accord - One of the best family sedans, the Honda Accord is roomy and safe. Sporty handling gives the Accord a better driving experience than competitors.

Honda Pilot - Based on the Odyssey, the Honda Pilot seats up to eight passengers. The Pilot is affordable, safe, and well-built.

Honda Odyssey - The Honda Odyssey is safe, seats eight, gets great mileage. What more can you expect from a minivan?

Lexus LS 430 - A quality luxury auto, the Lexus LS 430 is incredibly reliable and comfortable. The well designed interior makes the LS 430 seem like it was built just for you.

Mazda Mazda3 - The Mazda3 is practical and fuel efficient. What makes it better then the competition? It’s fun to drive!

Mercedes-Benz ML-Class - A strong, well-built luxury SUV, Mercedes-Benz ML-Class is sophisticated and stylish.

Subaru Outback - The sporty, capable, Subaru Outback drives like a sports sedan, yet easily fits your family and their cargo. The smartly designed Outback produces 90% less pollution than the average new car.

Toyota RAV4 - The RAV4 is a car based SUV, making it lighter on gas and easier to handle. Enjoy SUV cargo and passenger room from this pint-sized Toyota.

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