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Buying a new car will probably be the most expensive purchase you make for you and your family this year. When choosing which are is the best suits your families needs there are a few things to consider: affordability, safety, and usability. Taking in mind these three considerations will help you find the best new car to buy at the best price.

True vehicle cost doesn't just mean sticker price. There are many factors that affect the cost of owing a vehicle. First, when choosing a new car to purchase it is important not to base your decision on the sticker price or MSRP. If you do your research and negotiate the lowest possible price you're likely to pay thousands less.

When you have found a few vehicles that interest you, learn the actual factory invoice price and dealer cost of each model. Next compile all available cash rebates, incentives and leasing specials. Finally work with multiple dealerships to negotiate the lowest price for the new car you want.

To save time, request a free no-obligation price quote today, in just minutes you will learn what buyers are actually paying in your area, all available discounts, and we'll connect you with multiple qualified dealers in your area. The dealers we work with are actively seeking sales in order to clear lots and reach monthly goals, simply put they're the kind of dealerships that make the best offers.

It's is another important consideration, buy selecting an economical vehicle you can save thousands over the life of your car. Saving on a gas guzzler at the time of purchase will do little good when you make up for it in folds at the filling station.

Finally, reliability and resale value.
Stick to brands with lasting reputations for quality, review consumer reviews and reports for the vehicles you're considering. Check resale values as well using blue book sites. Be sure the new car your buying is a good all around value before you buy.

Most would agree, no price can be put on the safety of our families. Fortunately, you don't have to spend extra to drive a safe car. A quick look at IIHS ratings and you can learn how safe an new vehicle is. Some of the safest family cars for 2010 are:

Take into consideration how your family uses your current vehicle. What are its drawbacks and benefits? Determine the passenger capability required for your family. Look for vehicles with versatile seating and cargo room. Who will be driving the vehicle and will it be practical for all drivers? Taking a honest look at how the new car will be used will ensure you find the perfect addition to your family.

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