How to Find the Best New Car Incentives

Very Best Auto Incentives - Research Latest Incentives & Rebates from Home, Get Your Next New Car for Less.

Finding new car incentives and rebates before you buy is crucial to getting the best deal on a new car. Imagine paying between $3,000 to $5,000 less for a new vehicle. Some manufacture rebates or dealer incentives will get you savings of up to 25% off of MSRP. The secret is many of the best deals are not advertised.

Timing is Key
Visit the dealership toward month-end, many dealers will be struggling to meet sales goals and more likely to offer bigger discounts. Year-end clearance sales also provide a great opportunity to pick up a new car at an unbelievably low price. Often there is little difference between model years and it's much easier to negotiate a lower price on the outgoing version.

It's also important to remember that most rebates and incentives are only available for a limited time. When you find a great deal check the expiration date to be sure you don't miss out. Many end the first of the month, as these sales can be credited to the previous month's figures, dealers will less likely to let you walk out of the showroom without making a great offer.

Opportunities in the News
With numerous car manufactures struggling to comeback this year, pay extra attention to business related news. Incredible incentives can be found on doomed brands or discontinued models. Car dealers will be letting them go, with little struggle, to make room for more profitable makes and models.

Watch out for governmental stimulus or incentive plans such as Cash for Cluckers or tax credits. These kinds of incentives can save you anywhere from $1,500 to $7,500 on a new car or truck. Not all are big news, many take additional work to find.

Old-Fashioned Research
Sometimes you get lucky and a great deal just falls in your lap. However, it's more likely you'll have to invest some time and effort to find the best new car incentives out there. Fortunately, many online services such as are available to do the work for you. Choose a service with 100% free no-obligation price quotes and discover the best price on a new car without paying a dime.

By simply requesting multiple online price quotes, you can easily find the top rebates and incentives in your area. Compare various brands, models, and dealerships before you decide on a new car and take advantage of 0% APR financing offers, cash-back rebates up to $5,000, or $0 down payment incentives. Request a free new car price quote now to find current incentives.

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