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Why is it that the word car salesman has a negative connotation? The fact is many car dealerships today prefer honest and straightforward negotiations. A smart car buyer can easily arm himself with all the information needed to get the best deal on a new car. It no longer makes sense for dealers to resort to scams.

Simply ensure that you’re working with well qualified dealers accustomed to dealing with educated car buyers and you’ll find the best deals in your area. Request a free no-obligation price quote today and we’ll connect you instantly with the best place to buy a car in your town.

If you decide to visit a random dealer in your neighborhood, keep an eye open for the following tricks or scams.

Financing: Often incredible financing offers are advertised in order to pull buyers into the showroom. In most cases these 0% financing offers are only available to prime borrowers. Find out what kind of financing you qualify for before visiting the dealer to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Trade In: The value of your trade in vehicle should not be calculated into the purchase price of your new vehicle. If the dealer tries to tell you he can’t lower his offer because of the great deal he’s giving you on your old car, it’s not the truth. Tell dealers you do not want to discuss your trade in until you’ve agreed on a price for the new vehicle.

Warranty & Insurance: Some dealerships may tell you a special warranty is needed for financing. Find out what warranties come standard with the purchase of your new vehicle. As for car insurance, check with your current provider. Often they will insure for less than the dealer.

Additional Fees: Watch out for additional dealer fees, sometimes these may mysteriously show up on your contact after negotiation has been completed. Ask the dealer what each is for, or be sure the dealer is including all fees in the initial price negotiation. If any seem suspect ask the dealer to remove.

Low Monthly Payments: Even though smaller monthly payments sound like a great deal they actually end up making you pay more for your new vehicle. Some dealers use low monthly payment offers to convince buyers they’re getting a great offer. Make sure you’re negotiating the actual new car price. Once that is resolved begin discussing financing.

To sum it all up, make sure you start by negotiating the actual price of the new vehicle you want. Do not let the dealer work in other figures or offers until after this has been agreed upon.

Look to outside sources for financing, insurance and other services.

Find the best places to buy a car in your area by requesting a free no-obligation price quote today. We’ll connect you with pre-qualified dealers ready to make honest offers on the exact new car you’re shopping for.

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