10 Best Cars for New Drivers & Teens

Best Autos for New Drivers - Compare Multiple Free Quotes & Get the Safest and Most MPG Efficient Car for a New Driver.

Choosing a car for a new driver can be a stressing experience. If you are a parent looking for the best vehicles for teenage drivers, safety is likely your number one concern. In the US about 3,500 teen drivers are killed in accidents every year. Affordability is another concern, devoting a large amount of money towards a car for a first time driver can be risky.

Based on safety, affordability, and reliability the following are the best vehicles for first time drivers:

Ford Escape
Starting at $21,000 the Ford Escape is an affordable SUV. With plenty of room for gear it is a great vehicle for athletes or students in extra curricular activities. The body structure is strong and 6 standard airbags will protect your driver and his passengers.

Ford Focus
Fun and youthful the Ford Focus is available in sedan or coupe body styles. Impressive safety features include a reinforced steel safety cage and 6 standard airbags. The Focus is equipped with an easy to use system that will let new car drivers safely listen to music, talk on the phone or read texts messages.

Ford Fusion Hybrid
Motor Trend's 2010 Car of the Year, the Ford Fusion is a great all around vehicle. The Fusion Hybrid gets 41 MPG, which will save you or your teen at the pump. The smart gauges and Eco Guide will teach new drivers how to drive economically. The Fusion Hybrid starts around $28,000.

Honda Civic
The Civic's cool looks and luxurious interior will keep teens happy, while its safety and affordability will give parents piece of mind. The Honda Civic is very affordable, starting just under $16,000. The Civic has received top safety accolades from both the IIHS and NTSA.

Honda Fit
Capable and small the Fit seems like it was designed for young drivers. Its sporty and stylish, up-to-date with the latest technologies and surprisingly accommodating despite its size. Starting under $15,000 new car buyers may even find it affordable enough to buy on their own.

Honda Insight Hybrid
Under $20,000 the Insight Hybrid is a very affordable hybrid. With fast and futuristic good looks and cutting edge technology the Insight is smart enough it might improve your kids grades.

Kia Forte
A 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty is an excellent incentive for first time drives to choose Kia. The price is even better, starting at under $14,000. The Kia Forte is equipped with standard safety features including full side-length curtain and advanced frontal airbags.

Nissan Versa
Available in hatchback or sedan the Nissan Versa is priced from $9,990 to just over $16,000 depending on extras. Both an IIHS Top Safety Pick and a Consumer Digest Best Buy, the Versa is a smart choice of new drivers.

Subaru Impreza
Okay, so the nearly rally ready WRX might not be the best choice for a new driver, but the standard Subaru Impreza is priced right and designed with hard driving in mind. Just over $17,000 the Impreza is safe, sturdy and affordable.

Toyota Yaris
The cute as a bug Yaris starts around $12,500 and is available in three body types 3 or 5 door liftback or sedan. Great on gas the Toyota Yaris makes up to 36 MPG. Fun to look at and drive new drivers will love this Toyota.

Request a price quote for any of the above cars or your picks for the best cars for new drivers and receive the lowest offers from qualified dealers, for free with no-obligation!

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